How to Pay with Bitcoin using credit card

How to Pay with Bitcoin using credit card

How to Pay by CREDIT CARD

No Wallet need , ‘No registration needed , No Verifications

Get falid transactions? or your credit card has been decline for some reason ? Learn how to Pay your order using bitcoins method with your Visa and master cards secure and fast and in no time.

1. choose your plan from IPTVLOCAL.COM At the checkout simply select Bitcoin as your payment method, and then click the “Complete order

You will then be taken to coinbase to complete payment. You have 15/30 minutes to pay the exact bitcoin amount shown.

2. Go to Switchere cryptocurrency service copy and add the excatly bitcoins amount in the BTC then click buy bitcoin You will then be taken to credit card to complete the payment.

3. Enter Bank Card details and click Pay and All done! you have paid!

Is Switchere Safe?
As you will most probably note, Switchere has full SSL and TLS encryption on their site.
This means that all of your online communications with them are completely private and encrypted with SHA 256 hashing. It also means that hackers cannot steal your information in a “man in the middle” attack.

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